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Restoring Hope and Dignity for a Bright Future.


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Our Vision is to o Restore Hope and Dignity for a Bright Future.

Our Mission is to To Create Opportunities, Build Thriving Communities and to Champion Transformation of Lives and Livelihoods through Sustainable Initiatives.

Our power is in our people

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Leading brands trust us for sustainable business practices

Our team

Leadership at Brisk comes from all over. Here is the team at the helm of the ship.

Sarah Steiner

Co-Founder and CEO

Natali Craig

Co-Founder and CFO

Alexa Rollins


Loren Spears


Dylan Ambrose

VP Product

Macy Maher

VP Customer Success

Regan Rosen

PR Manager

Demi Wilkinson

Support Manager

Small and medium businesses from all over the world work better with Brisk daily