• Gundua Medical Camp

    In a bid to improve the lives of people living in rural areas, The Naledi Initiative relentlessly fights cancer in yet another Free Cancer Screening Medical Camp at Maua, Kenya on 25th May. 2024.  Join us by donating to this campaign, Every Resource is Welcome!

  • 7 Peaks, 7 Weeks

    Guided by Faith, Hope, Courage, and Strength, we embark on the challenge of summiting the seven peaks, a symbolic representation of the cancer journey’s spirit. These values propel us forward, serving as beacons of resilience and determination.

  • Community Champions

    We are All Champions in spite of our Social Backgrounds and the Challenges we go through. In Rural Kenya The Naledi Initiative works to Empower Communities archive their visions and supports them to sustain the Changes they make and improve the resilience needed to address challenges and opportunities that arise in the future.

  • Women Empowerment

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Free cancer screening!

Urgent Flood Relief

This appeal is ON-GOING. Here’s why…

A report of 17th May from United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS)

Quoted from the report

An estimated 291 people have been killed, 188 injured, and 75 missing, while 278,380 people  (55,676 families) have been displaced and almost  412,763 (82,552 families) have been affected by heavy rains and floods between 1 March and 16
May 2024, according to the National Disaster Operations Centre (NDOC).

At least 11,311 live..

Kisiriri Rumuruti ward
50 households affected
Marura Narok Sosian Ward
300 households affected
Chunguati Katikati Sosian Ward50 households affected
The bridge is also damaged
Mbogani Sosian  Ward
Threat of  attacks by wild animals-snakes, crocodiles and hippos
Immediate needs for the assessed locations are: Food stuff o(il, rice, unga, salt, uji), Water purifying tabs & Mosquito nets
Please note we are  still receiving all your kind donations at Nanyuki Sports Club and Palliative Care Centre
Thank you !!
Naledi Initiative

Our key areas of focus

Community Health

Dedicated to advancing community health in East Africa, our mission revolves around understanding and addressing the distinct health needs of our community. Through the collaborative efforts of our community health workers, educators, and skilled professionals, we passionately implement transformative programs. Our goal is not only to promote health and prevent diseases but also to enhance access to healthcare services, reducing disparities among populations.

Socio-Economic Impact

Empowers marginalized communities, particularly women and girls in rural areas, by providing quality financial literacy training such as table banking and entrepreneurship education (e.g., basket weaving), fostering economic growth and sustainable income-generating projects.

Peak #7 Done! We did it!
We Summited 7 Peaks in 7 Weeks!
Peak #6 Done! We got to Nyambene!
The Naledi Initiative HIkers at Nyambene Hille Peak 6
Peak #5 Done! We reached Point Lenana!
Peak #4 Done! We did the Day Hike!
Peak #3 Done! We got to Ole Satima!
The Naledi Initiative Peak 5 challenge to the seven ponds and Olesatima

Peak 3 - Ole Satima

Peak #2 Done! We got to the Peak of Kilimanjaro!

Peak 2 - Kilimanjaro

Join us for the 7 Peaks, 7 Week Expedition

Community Health

Campaign against Cancer

7 Peaks, 7 Weeks

Africa’s mountains is nothing short of majestic, with East Africa proudly boasting three of the continent’s highest peaks. It is from these towering giants that our transformative expedition finds its inspiration.

Guided by Faith, Hope, Courage, and Strength, we embark on the challenge of summiting the seven peaks, a symbolic representation of the cancer journey’s spirit. These values propel us forward, serving as beacons of resilience and determination.

Adding vibrancy to our mission, we’ve chosen colours that symbolize various cancers, creating a visual representation of our commitment to raising awareness. Yet, our vision extends beyond visuals; our ultimate goal is to acquire a mobile cancer screening laboratory truck

Socio-Economic Impact​

Women Empowerment

Little girls with dreams become women with vision

Nurtured by the community, their dreams transform into a commitment to positive change. This journey from a little girl to a woman of vision symbolizes the boundless potential within, shaping destinies and inspiring future generations.

Empowerment through Generosity

Providing Food & Clothing

Kenyans are currently experiencing very challenging economic times, those living in harsh climatic conditions have not been spared either especially due to the global warming being experienced in the country which has caused loss to livelihood in most of the households. 

Turkana county, being Kenya’s poorest county, where 87% of people are living below the poverty line and as many as 82% have never attended school. The region is semi-arid and is prone to frequent droughts and insecurity issues which threaten food security both at community and household levels.