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Socio-Economic Impact

Empowers marginalized communities, particularly women and girls in rural areas, by providing quality financial literacy training such as table banking and entrepreneurship education (e.g., basket weaving), fostering economic growth and sustainable income-generating projects.

The Naledi Initiative looks at ending poverty in all its forms everywhere. Majority of families in Kenya, especially in under-served rural communities live on less than a dollar a day. Naledi Initiative is passionate about providing sustainable solutions to poverty.


We work shoulder to shoulder with community members, particularly women in establishing small enterprise that have social impact. We provide entrepreneurship education and financial literacy for both women and young people.


We conduct our on research before starting any programme for monitoring and evaluation purpose in order to provide evidence-based interventions. 

We conduct surveys and interviews to ensure we understand the context of a community before moving forward for interventions.


Solving the right problem with the most effective approach sounds simple, but is a very often wrongly assumed.