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Dedicated to advancing community health in East Africa, our mission revolves around understanding and addressing the distinct health needs of our community. Through the collaborative efforts of our community health workers, educators, and skilled professionals, we passionately implement transformative programs. Our goal is not only to promote health and prevent diseases but also to enhance access to healthcare services, reducing disparities among populations.

Our key pillar

One of our key pillar is Community Healthcare program which focus in remote rural areas on cancer screening in partnership with government health facilities and communities. We embarked on cancer prevention awareness campaign and free cancer screening in rural areas after realizing high rates of cancer cases in our country, which is exerting tremendous physical; emotional and financial constraints on individuals, families, communities and health systems. We have witnessed high turnout of people for screening in our previous free  cancer screening camps which is a true evident of how needy  people are  for these services especially women in rural areas. The area of focus is Cervical, Breast and prostate screening, general health checkup and treatment on minor sickness. 


The people who were diagnosed with cancer were referred to the health care system within their areas of residence and enrolled on the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) for two years. So far we have screened 5,087 in 4 free cancer screening and integrated medical camps in rural areas.