About the 7 Peaks, 7 Weeks Expedition

Three of the highest peaks in Africa are located in East Africa, which is home to some of the continent’s most stunning mountains. Our inspirational journey draws inspiration from these imposing behemoths.

We set out to conquer the seven peaks, a metaphor for the spirit of the cancer journey, led by Faith, Hope, Courage, and Strength. These principles drive us on by acting as pillars of strength and resolve.

In order to bring life to our purpose, we have selected colours that represent different types of cancer, resulting in a visual depiction of our dedication to spreading awareness. However, our ambition goes beyond pictures; our ultimate objective is to obtain a mobile laboratory truck for cancer screening. By offering free cancer screenings and raising awareness of cancer prevention, this mobile unit will act as a ray of hope.

The 7 Peaks

The 7 Peaks, 7 Weeks Calendar




Cancer Represent



Ololokwe Hills – Samburu, Kenya


Lavender – All cancers

3th Feb, 2024


Mt. Kilimanjaro – Uhuru Peak (5, 895M or 19, 340ft) in Tanzania 


Pink – Breast Cancer

7th Feb – 16th Feb 2024


Ole Satima Aberdare – Peak (4, 001M) in Kenya


Blue – Prostate

23rd Feb 2024


Day Hike to Lake Ellis, Mau Mau Caves & the Nithi Waterfall.


Gold – Children cancers

2nd March 2024


Mt. Kenya – Lenana Peak (4,985M or 16, 355ft) in Kenya


Teal – Ovarian / Cervical

8th  – 13rd March 2024


Nyambene Hills – Peak (2,515M) – Kenya


Orange – Leukemia

16th  March 2024


Seven ponds –  Peak (3,831M) in Kenya


Black – Melanoma

23rd March 2024


The Why

The team behind the 7 Peaks 7-week expedition, the Naledi Initiative, is responsible for spearheading the mobilisation and coordination of free breast and cervical cancer screenings for isolated rural populations in Kenya. The Naledi Initiative is a community-based nonprofit organisation that is registered in Kenya that provides grassroots assistance to underprivileged communities. The name Naledi is African and comes from Lesotho, meaning “the brightest morning star.” Our technical working group is made up of volunteers, both medical professionals and non-medical, who have a kind heart and an unwavering drive to provide their time, expertise, knowledge, and resources to help disadvantaged rural areas.

Founded by a young guy who endured a difficult journey with his late mother, who passed away from cervical cancer, leaving him to raise his siblings as their mother and father while still a student. His goal is to lessen the suffering of women living in Kenya’s rural villages by providing free medical camps for cancer screenings and connecting them to the country’s referral hospitals. We go to the communities where the most vulnerable women live on foot, and we turn the local school into a hospital. We ensure that we follow up on any questionable cancer cases by making two-year payments to the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).


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7 Peaks 7 Weeks Challenge in East Africa

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Robert Muriithi,

Founder, Naledi Initiative